The event was literally breathtaking. Nick’s way of reading his own prose had each audience member falling in love with him. You could envision yourself in the same dimly lit room with cigarette smoke wafting about - or on a beach with the hot, hot sun and mass amounts of mosquitoes crowding nearby - as his poetry and stories recounted. Each time his eyes danced, the audience smiled. Every time his breath caught in his throat, the audience held their own. He gave a very personal look into the mind of a creative who looks not to one single field of expression, but to multiple fields for exploring. I left feeling inspired and thoughtful - wondering what other fields I too could explore. - event attendee

Sarah and Nick put on a fabulous event for Reno. The space where the event was hosted was absolutely stunning and created an atmosphere that was easy to relax into for a night of poetry and wine. Nick delivered an entertaining performance, engaging the audience and offering moments of comic relief peppered in among the intensely personal and romantic accounts of his life story. The whole experience was very intimate and you could hear a pin drop in the room! - Casey

When I attended the Red Line event to meet and listen to Nick Holmes talk about his experience discovering a new passion for writing poetry, it felt surreal.  I felt like I was in L.A. or New York, somewhere where the arts are important and a part of the make-up of those places.  It's not that Reno doesn't have an art museum, local theater or other forms of entertainment, but this felt intimate, special in the fact that I was able to speak directly with an artist in such a small setting. Also, Nick Holmes was amazing.  I really enjoyed hearing about his story of how poetry came into his life.  When I got the chance to talk to him one on one, I told him that I had written since I was a teen, but had never had the courage to put it out there and asked for his advice. He said"My advice to you is just f******* finish it!"  Though it may seem like obvious advice, it is just what I needed to hear to squelch that critic inside of me and move forward. Shortly after that, I was inspired to take an on-line writing class to help me work towards just f******* finishing it! I really hope we have more events like this in Reno devoted to creativity and the arts. -Katie